About Me

kate gibson

Hi! I am Kate and I am the owner of Precision Bookkeeping (Cumbria) Ltd.

I started my accountancy journey 12 years ago working and studying in our family business. I completed my AAT qualification and I am now a full AAT member. I also hold an Accountants License and I am regulated by the AAT.

I have had various accountancy based roles in industry and I have worked in practice which have given me experience on both sides of the fence.

My passion is to work with businesses and help then maintain control over their finances and understand how the accounting process works.

I have come across so many business owners that have said they don’t understand their financial statements and have felt too silly to ask. This is also the reason why I started working in accountancy in the first place. I was on the other side of the desk at one point and I felt so intimidated by the accountant sat in front of me. I always viewed HMRC as a scary organisation but I soon realised this was a lot to do with how our accountancy information was being delivered to us.

I feel so fortunate to get up and do a job I love every day and I treat all of my clients businesses with the same care as I do my own!

Kate Gibson of Precision Bookkeeping in Carlisle, Cumbria